The Electrical Engineer’s Logbook (TEEL)

How To Entries

Raspberry Pi

  1. Introduction to the Raspberry Pi
  2. Initial Configuration of the Raspberry Pi
  3. Setting up the WiFi Part I – Supported Adapters
  4. Setting up the WiFi Part II – Non-supported Adapters
  5. Setting up Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

Arduino Due

  1. Arduino Due issues with the ST7735 LCD Display

Product Reviews

  1. USB Video Capture Devices Review
    • Sabrent USB 2.0 Video and Audio Capture Device (USB-AVCPT)
    • Sima GO DIGITAL Transfer Cable (SFG-1)
    • DIAMOND USB 2.0 HD 1080 Game Console Video Capture Device (GC1000) USB 2.0 Interface
  2. Amod AGL3080 GPS Data Logger Rechargeable
  3. eBay Review – 1602 Serial Blue Backlight LCD Display Keypad 4 Arduino Uno R3 Mega 2560 Shield

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