HP 95LX Raspberry Pi


This project is a recreation of Rune Kyndal’s project featured on HACKADAY.IO. The project removes the electronics from an old HP 95LX DOS handheld PDA and adds new electronics with a Raspberry Pi Zero as the main component. My design is a bit different as I want the screen to be the same format as the original HP 95LX and to include a working touch screen and a real time clock.

Parts List

IDDescriptionPart Number/ValuePackageQTYSupplierItem #$ Each$ Total
LCD1800×320 LCD Resistive Touch Screen1BuyDisplayER-TFT046-1-5086-246919.7319.73
PI1Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W1Digi-Key2648-SC0510-ND15.0015.00
Prices are in U.S. Dollars (Last updated 26 December 2022)

Build Steps

Soon steps will be added which have taken to create this project. This is still being worked on.


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