Richard has a BS in Electrical Engineering but has been a fulltime software developer and project manager since graduating from college. In his spare time, he likes to get back to his EE roots by designing and building electronic projects.

With the introduction of Arduino in 2008 and Raspberry Pi in 2012, the electronic maker space has become more accessible and the possibilities more exciting.

Seeing how several projects include few details or leave important steps out, Richard wanted to create a space to attempt to fill in those gaps enabling more people to be successful in building their own projects.

Richard’s Other Blogs and Posts

  • RichTeel.wordpress.com –  A similar page, which provides a catalog of most content that I have written and is still available on the web.
  • The Electrical Engineer’s Logbook @ TeelSys.com – This site, used for posting information on the current projects that I’m working on.
  • My Keto Diet Journey – (2018) A blog documenting my experience with the Keto Diet
  • Richard’s Notes – (2014) A blog of various things, mostly technical in nature.
  • Our Travels – (2013) A blog documenting our family trip to Thailand and Laos.
  • chumbydev – (2013) Some information about Chumby devices and  information on widgets that I developed for the Chumby devices using ActionScript.
  • Random Thoughts – (2010) A blog documenting random things that I was working on at the time.
  • Virginia Tech MBA Dominion Cohort – (2010) A blog documenting the capstone trip for my MBA at Virginia Tech.

Social Media Content

  • YouTube
    • richteel – Personal videos with mostly tech and travel
    • TeelSys (User) – An attempt at creating a YouTube presence for TeelSys
    • TeelSys LLC – An attempt to create a channel for TeelSys
  • Facebook
    • TeelSys LLC – Facebook presence to drive traffic to TeelSys.com
  • Twitter
    • richardteel – Personal Twitter Account
    • TeelSys – Account to promote TeelSys site content
  • Flickr

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