Website Changes

We’ve made some changes to the site to make it align more with our goals. When the website was first created, it was expect that the how-to articles and projects would be the major focus, however there have been too infrequent updates so the site was stale. This is mostly do to the amount of time needed to complete a project, then actually write good content to document the steps taken.

With the new year, we are going to take a different approach and put the blog posts front and center and make the projects and how-to articles a secondary aspect. This should allow us to make more frequent updates and hopefully make the site more useful and interesting. We would like to know what you think so please feel free to comment on the blog posts and projects.

We are also going to try a chat feature to see if it is something that visitors find useful. It may allow for more direct interaction. Just keep in mind that we may not respond to chats all the time. The best time to catch us on chat will be after 5 PM Eastern Time (New York) or on the weekend.

Hope you enjoy the new layout and find that this format and focus is more useful and interesting.

By richteel

Software and hardware developer who likes learning new things with a passion of sharing knowledge with others.

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