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6 thoughts on “A look at Adafruit’s Electret Microphone Amplifier – MAX4466 with Adjustable Gain (1063)

    1. teel9174 Post authorbuy modafinil bali

      Sorry, I do not plan to get back to this unless I have another project where I need to look at this again. You should be able to do the same if you have a unidirectional mic and the components to build the circuit(s). The graphs were made in Excel using the data returned from serial output of the Arduino code.

  1. buy modafinil brazil buy modafinil in bangalore

    Man you made my day! I could not have dreamt a better post on presenting the Adafruit circuitry, most of all compared with a custom implementation, like I am trying to make one. Your mesures helped me understand the Adafruit component’s output and how to use it! Great job! (I will quote you I my next post as soon as I have time to write it ;))

  2. buy modafinil cheap online buy modafinil cheap uk

    Great article thank you very much – i was wondering why my max4466 circuit was so quiet.

    One question though – you did not elaborate on what the ferrite beads were doing – i know it’s pretty standard to place one in series with Vcc, but there were two in the adafruit board – could you tell me how they are laid out in the circuit? I’m wondering if they’re in series with vcc but 2 types of beads in parallel ?

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