The Electrical Engineer’s Logbook (TEEL)

How To Entries

Raspberry Pi

  1. Introduction to the Raspberry Pi
  2. Initial Configuration of the Raspberry Pi
  3. Setting up the WiFi Part I – Supported Adapters
  4. Setting up the WiFi Part II – Non-supported Adapters
  5. Setting up Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

Arduino Due

  1. Arduino Due issues with the ST7735 LCD Display

Product Reviews

  1. USB Video Capture Devices Review
    • Sabrent USB 2.0 Video and Audio Capture Device (USB-AVCPT)
    • Sima GO DIGITAL Transfer Cable (SFG-1)
    • DIAMOND USB 2.0 HD 1080 Game Console Video Capture Device (GC1000) USB 2.0 Interface
  2. Amod AGL3080 GPS Data Logger Rechargeable
  3. eBay Review – 1602 Serial Blue Backlight LCD Display Keypad 4 Arduino Uno R3 Mega 2560 Shield

7 thoughts on “The Electrical Engineer’s Logbook (TEEL)

  1. henry martinez

    I was wondering if the TXT message widget for the Chumby is still up?
    trying to reach this link:

  2. Ronny Larsson

    Hi Richard
    can you help me with the pinout for the Arduino uno on your LCD-101 project
    I am setting up the display for a atmega 1284p.
    Did you use a pot for the contrast? pin4 on the display (10k-20K).

    1. teel9174 Post author


      I had posted code on GitLab at It looks like the schematic and PCB layout were not added to the repository. I will look for those files and post them on GitLab shortly. Thanks for your interest. I’m hoping to be able to retire in about 5 years so I can keep up with this blog and add some more YouTube videos. This is something that I enjoy but can’t find the time to keep up with this as well as my day job.

      1. teel9174 Post author

        Files added to GitLab. I also had a Part 2 follow-up, which was never published as it was incomplete. I just published it anyway and included an update on the page to point to the files on GitLab and a link to the schematic for the backpack with the negative voltage supply and interface for I2C or SPI. To answer your original question, I used a 10K potentiometer. It is shown in the schematic. Hopefully this information will help you and others.

        See All Electronics LCD-101 (256×128 LCD) with Arduino – Part 2

  3. Ronny Larsson

    Hi Richard
    Thanks for the reply I am just now wiring it up to the 1284 and ill hope I have some thing showing up on the screen later today.
    Have been working on the outside this morning but now its getting to hot 112 F on the outside now here in AZ.


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